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Tasteful, Modern and Exceptional

Rhea Mehta Design represents finesse of craftsmanship, unsurpassed quality and minute attention to detail. RMD creations are intimately intertwined with the identity of the spaces they are designed for. The designs tell intriguing stories, taking inspiration from diving into the depths of imagination.

Our work and clientele

The best things come in all shapes and sizes. Dimensions do not define our limits. The magnitude of effort that we put into a small piece or a larger-than-life installation cannot be differentiated. Our unique creations are scattered across the globe – from luxury homes to plush villas, five star hotels to upscale restaurants, commercial centres to building lobbies, offices to premium malls, installing showstoppers and turning heads wherever they are placed.

Our portfolio of clients includes some of the most well known hotel chains like Taj , Marriott, ITC, The Park, famous celebrities like Hrithik Roshan – the most celebrated actor in bollywood, leading industrialists and many acclaimed architects. We work with national and international clients creating showstopper projects globally.

Our work is not restricted to any medium or material. We work with glass, metal, crystals, wood, marble, stones and traditional crafts, giving them a contemporary and modern twist. Our core belief is to bring out the best in the materials we work with and push them to their absolute limits which only happens through constant research and development in our dynamic workshop.

More About us

One of our early creations, AABH, stands proud as the second largest installation in india.

Our Founder, Rhea Mehta, has spoken about her passion for design fueled by lighting on global platforms such as TEDx and has been a speaker, jury and on panels on many eminent platforms. She believes that “A good design is when a product creates an experience, and brings out an emotion”  We appreciate all the love that our work has received from industry-leading publications and for all the prestigious design awards that have celebrated our work. 

We are focused on exemplifying concepts that are out of the ordinary and on bringing them to life to serve a purpose with their functionality while their crux being that of art. At Rhea Mehta Design we challenge ourselves everyday to reinvent an entirely unusual approach to luxury lighting and creating art that’s one of its kind. 

Global Presence

Global Presence

Personalised Service

Personalised Service

tailor made

Tailor-made Products

Intricate craftmenship

Intricate craftsmanship

Extraordinary Design

Extraordinary Design

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