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Statuario In a Suit

“Statuario in a Suit” the debut product from our collection – “Lumiere in Fashion”. The collection intends on dressing opulent materials in garments otherwise worn by men and women and rarely visualised on lights!

Dressing exquisite materials up in the well-crafted, abstract garments, and illuminating them from within. Creating a mélange of light and fashion!

The lights are hand crafted out of statuario marble blocks, sculpted and polished to be one of its kind. The pieces are skilfully hand carved to let light illuminate the entire block of marble from within. The statuario is then dressed in the finest quality of carbon black faux leather with a gold zipper that can be unzipped to unravel the beautiful stone underneath.

The lights are customizable in different colored marble/stones and dressed in faux leather or different types of fabric.